ThinkStopper #5 with Shaun Halpin and Sunshine


Hey guys, we're back, after a couple of audio set backs and Mikey Slyman being away in Japan with his family, we finally got this one out!!!


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This episode was something I was glad to be able to do. I have been wanting to sit down and have a chat with this very funny comedian, Shaun Halpin. Now, I've done shows with Shaun, I've hosted a few and have always enjoyed his comedy, not only that, but his ability to tell his truth about the world he's in. Shaun has a wealth of experience in the comedy world as well as the real world, as he served in the United States Marine Corp. Having shared the stages with many comedy greats, Shaun finally made his way out to Los Angles California to further pursue his comedy career. Many of stories and experiences to write a War and Peace novel about life as a comedian there, we barely scratch the surface, time really flew on this one, it went quick for a two hour recording. So here it is, have a listen. 


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