Oct 5, 2016

Los Rudos ep 8.

BAM! SLAM! JAM! we are back at it again with another fine episode of Los Rudos, with Me, Trez Mala, the hilarious Jason Harris, and the One, the Only, Kyle' Danger' Anderson. Mr. Danger Anderson had a special guest show up for our show who chimed in on our review of the last couple of weeks in the world of wrestling, Jesse "The Body, The Mind, and The Spirit Animal" Ventura! As well as I was dressed up like Ace Ventura, coincidentally. We really had fun in speculating how Bound for Glory was going to turn out, also along speculating if WWE is going to buy TNA! Lots going on here, along with Big changes coming in the near future... Enjoy the hell out of this one, I know we did. remember to fire us any questions or suggestions, or what you would like to hear more or less of, #losrudospod all day long! peace!


Sep 25, 2016

Los Rudos ep 7. Road trip to Tampa Slam

Here we have Kyle 'Danger' Anderson leading the drive, taking us back to Tampa Slam, but as it is with Mr. Danger, we are taking detour after detour, this was a fun show where we talk about the horrific numbers WWE's RAW has has been producing, not changing much up, and very forgettable shows as of late, Jason Harris really shows his distain for the show and offers improvements. I myself am always looking for the good and the fun in the shows, what works, where the direction of the show is going, where it should be going and such, all to fall short and be sh*tted on by my fellow Rudos! just like how we do, so sit back relax, have a cocktail or a few, and enjoy. #LosRudos 


Sep 24, 2016

Los Rudos ep 6.

Sorry for the delay, lots of technical happenings going on but we made it through by staying the course, so here we are LOS RUDOS! lots going on in this episode, which is about a week behind or normal schedule, but at the same time we cover, NXT, CWC, WWE, and a little bit of TNA. again, Me, Trez Mala, Jason Harris, and Kyle "Danger" Anderson! #LosRudos get you some. 

this is now the lost episode... gone forever. why? I don't know, but the audio isn't there.

Sep 13, 2016

Los Rudos Ep.5

Oh Man, this was a fun one, we are definitely enjoying how great of a time it is to be a Wrestling Fan, lots going on and lots to call bullsh*t on too. We also give our speculation on WWE's Backlash, and how that turned out, NXT, CWC, TNA Impact, all that, and lets be honest, from when we recorded this to now, lots has happened in the World Wide side of Wrestling, listen up, tell us what you think, tell a friend, like and share, and all that, I'm Trez Mala, along with Jason Harris, and Kyle 'Danger' Anderson! #LosRudos!


Sep 7, 2016

Los Rudos ep.4

Here we go again! Back at it after a little time off, I (Trez Mala) had a birthday and it took up a considerable amount of time, especially damage too my liver, but none the less, we still got together and talked about all the juicy stuff that happened over the last two weeks in Wrestling, from the ever and always WWE news, TNA, and NXT, not to forget our experience at our local and live show here in Las Vegas, FSW show at the Silverton Casino. Have a listen as we get a little loopy in this one, with Me (Trez Mala), Jason Harris, and Kyle 'Danger' Anderson. 


Aug 27, 2016

Los Rudos ep 3.

Hey We are BACK with the 3rd episode of Los Rudos! A podcast about Professional Wrestling and whatever there is else to talk about for HARDCORE fans, but all this from Stand Up Comedians as Your Hosts, Jason Harris and Trez Mala. We have a special guest and most likely new addition to the show, Filmmaker and Writer, as well as Stand Up Comedian, Kyle 'Danger' Anderson! 

This episode was a blast to record, with so much to discuss and talk about, from SummerSlam, NXT Takeover, TNA, up coming show with Matt Hardy at FSW here in Las Vegas, ROH, to The Miz explosion on Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack Live, to the Brock Lesnar elbow and "work" job hopefully ending the PG era, and much more, so listen up and enjoy, leave a comment, talk some trash, tell us what you'd like to have discussed next episode, and anything else to make this a better experience! Thanks for listening and Your support! - Trez

Aug 4, 2016

Los Rudos ep 2.

On this episode Jason and Myself talk about the WWE Draft as well as Local and upcoming events here in Las Vegas. We also give our take on what we think should be done with the Titles or lack thereof on Smackdown Live. Jason gives us a good rundown on Lucha Underground and NXT Cruiser Weight Classic, which I have been enjoying immensely. so sit back and relax, have a listen, leave a comment, and let us know what you think!?! 

Again, this is still in the first stages and we will have more of a polished product in the up coming weeks, We appreciate any and all support, ideas, opinions, and ears! download and share, tell a friend! much, much, more to come. Thanks! 

Jul 22, 2016

Los Rudos ep 1.

Attention: Hey everyone, Trez Mala here, I am happy to announce My new Podcast, with fellow Comedian and Host, Jason Harris, as we are Los Rudos!!!  We are posting it here to help get it off the ground and soon will have it's OWN Page, I am very Excited to do this because It is a podcast about Professional Wrestling and Combat Sports, as well as whatever the hell else we want to talk about. I am thrilled as we have great things lined up, covering live events, adding video and video links to our YouTube page (still under construction), all the social media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, to interviews with Wrestlers, Boxers, MMA Fighters, Comedians, and all around everyday Fans of Wrestling and Sports.

This is a very rough cut and Jason and I plan on having it polished up here all nice and professional like very soon, with a proper Intro, logo, brand, and all that. We will be changing our URL and the whole look on the page, I will also archive the old Courtesy Flush Show episodes and we will be moving on from there. 

Lastly, Our views will challenge the status quo and they will be very opinionated, as they should, so sit back, relax, enjoy our first and introductory episode 1, and spread the good word. Thank You all for Your support. - Trez

Aug 13, 2014

Our Hiatus is over….

Hello!!! After a long hiatus, John Gilligan and myself, Trez Mala, are back to chatting it up and having some fun talking shop and all things interesting and new. We've gone through a few changes and a few set back, but hey, that is a part of the whole journey, We're happy to have made it through. I myself have been afforded opportunities since the last time and John as well, many for John in fact. 

At the moment The Courtesy Flush Show has a a new location and a whole new set up, that will allow us to be able to podcast more frequent and have more guest, with the aim to regain our consistency. 
Sit back and relax and enjoy. 

Nov 26, 2013

Getting slap happy with Comedians Joe Caliz and Graig Salerno!

Yoyo! We're back at it, John Gilligan and Myself, Trez Mala are firing up another episode with our good friends Graig and Joe, where we talk about a multitude of different things, topics ranging from hand grenades to prostitute girl friends, back washing in a bottle of whiskey, and as always Run on John with his regaling of times of old....

thanks again for listening. also if anyone has anything to say, any pointers, comments, etc. fire away, we'd love to hear them! Peace.

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