Mar 21, 2019

ThinkStopper #18 Tarot Card Reading w/ Randall Thompson

We are back with another fun episode with our good friend and comedian Randall "Crabmeat" Thompson!


Out of nowhere I got this impulse to see if anyone I knew, knew anything about Tarot Cards and could explain them to me, and I wanted to do that on the podcast. So I put out a facebook post in a few comedy groups to see, and Randall was tagged in one. Come to find out that not only does Randall know about Tarot Cards, but he's been giving readings for years! yes! So we have Randall on to talk shop about current events, comedy, explain Tarot a little bit, and give me a reading! I have to say this was a really cool episode to do, and I look forward to doing more episodes with Crabmeat! enjoy! 

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Mar 14, 2019

ThinkStopper #17 Texas Takeover Crew and Ralph ep. #17

Oh man, NOTHING BUT LAUGHS ON THIS ONE!!! We have the Texas Takeover Crew with in the Clubhouse, along with Ralph Tutela, and boy'o did we have fun! Everyone on is a comedian and we couldn't stop cracking jokes. We talk about a lot of things and just go for broke with being silly. 

The Texas Takeover Crew consists of Alex Ansel aka KoolAid. Adam Dominguez who just recently made the trek out here to Las Vegas within the last year, and George White, who too as well just moved out to the Las Vegas scene for comedy. In this episode they tell you why and what's good about it! 




guys, enjoy this rowdy ass episode, peace. - Trez

Mar 10, 2019

ThinkStopper #16 Haunted Vegas w/ Tramontana Media and Westness Films

     In this episode we sit down with the fellas from Tramontana Media and Westness Films and talk about their up coming series, Haunted Vegas. Haunted Vegas is going to be a collection of different stories, hauntings, and legends of Las Vegas and eventually stories and legends about Nevada. We had a really good time and talked about a myriad of things, not just hauntings and paranormal stuff, but current events and personal development. Enjoy our chat with Joshua Tramontana and Jim Westness, and our partner in crime King O!!! you can catch their work at Tramontana Media and Westness Films on facebook. 





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Easy Bail Bonds as well... 

Mar 5, 2019

ThinkStopper #15 With Kris Shaw and Tom Bomb!!!

    Here we are back at it again! This episode we have comedians Kris Shaw from Indianapolis and we have back in for the second Tim Tom Bomb from Sacramento! 


    We had ourselves a good time talking shop about stand up comedy, the state of the current world and Las Vegas, and also the mind set of many out there who are going nuts. We have a good time pointing out the crazy these interesting times.

    I myself am a big fan of Kris Shaw's, he's very funny, and has a fantastic delivery, I've always admired his stage presence as well as his humor, he lays down some good thinkstopper type jokes. First time I met Kris was at an open mic here in Vegas, and there was an after party for all comedians to come and network at, first things Kris told me is go hungry because they got a lot of food! hahaha, my man, always looking out for fellow starving comedians! I knew from that moment he was a genuine guy! lol, on top of many things else. 


Also back in the cut is comedian Tom Bomb!, Tome was with us for an earlier episode, we're supposed to be doing some psychedelics and do the podcast but that hasn't materialized yet. Gonna need some planning for that one I guess, but none the less Tom joins us as we rap about comedy and life and all the weird stuff in between.


We laugh a lot and I hope you do to! enjoy.


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Feb 25, 2019

ThinkStopper #14 Part 2 W/ Hannah DeLeeuw, Las Vegas Shooting in depth, social media censorship, and more!

    Hey guys we're back, sorry for the delay, I've been out of town and I've also been busy with some life stuff, all is well and we've been recording, so I have more podcasts coming down the line. 


    A lot has happened since this recording, and I will be cracking these out to get to the current stuff. I greatly appreciate your support and patience with us on this. Thanks again.


   Here we're back with the second half of our podcast with Hannah DeLeeuw, enjoy.



Feb 10, 2019

ThinkStopper #13 W/ Hannah DeLeeuw, Las Vegas Shooting in depth, social media censorship, and more!

    Hey everyone, we went deep on this one, I chopped it up into two episodes. Technically we could've made three out of this recording, easily. We talked so much at length about the Las Vegas Shooting and social media censorship, as well as it's affects it had on the election, and why the tech giants want to censor as much as possible to protect their investments. 

    This episode we have on the very funny and enlightened, an astute free thinker and comedienne, from Wyoming, Hannah DeLeeuw! Hannah wanted to hop on and talk about the Las Vegas Shooting, she as well as the rest of us has more questions about it, and is equally frustrated with how a lot of the event isn't even addressed, by the media or the officials, we weigh in on that. We also talk about paranormal experiences. Hannah has some good stories about ghostly happenings. 

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Jan 29, 2019

ThinkStopper #12 with King O and Tom Harrington We talk about the new abortion law, media psyops, alien visitation, Jesus and the Devil, and a Lot more.

Hey all, we're back at it again, going all sorts of passionate in this one, as well as taking it to the spirit world, and beyond!




King O is back with us to talk about his couple of sightings of UFO's, as well as the place of Jesus and the Devil, how that comes into play.



Tom Harrington also sits back in to chat about all this stuff and throughs a couple of topics for us to chew on, Tom also gets high as fuck and hangs back. Those blunts will getcha sometimes! lol, we had fun.



and Mikey is back!!! haha, Slyman had time off and was able to help drive this thing, we had a good time getting into the depths of alien/gov cover ups. We're piecing together a show where we're going to go deep about the Las Vegas Shooting as well as the news that just came out about it, again, reiterating what they already said before, that they haven't found a motive. Harvest 91 has left us more questions than answers, and we're going to get into that soon.  



Also, we're piecing together a "greasy vegas stories" episode too! Gonna be so much fun, I can't wait.  





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Jan 22, 2019

ThinkStopper #11 With The Absolute best LGBTQ Comedian IN THE WORLD! Thai Rivera!

Thanks everyone for listening and showing us support, I can't thank you guys enough. Got some good news, we're now on Google Play and we're on Stitcher!!! Finally, I know, and we still have Spotify to get dialed in... Slowly but surely we will, videos and all that. But for now, lets get into this damn podcast!


We are fortunate to have this guest on, I have been a fan of his comedy for quite some time, I was really stoked that he said he'd be on the podcast. So it is with great pleasure to on The Absolute best LGBTQ Comedian IN THE WORLD!!! Thee, Thai Rivera! 


One of my favorite things about Thai on and off stage is that he's not afraid to say what he thinks and not afraid to talk about what some feel are uncomfortable topics. 


In this episode Thai and I chat about social pressures and social norms. we talk about the media and the current outrage with the Catholic school kids and the Native American, who were both at the same place for protests, but for completely different reasons. I think Thai said it best in the episode, " who booked that? Those two groups at the same place at the same time?", that is one helluva good question. Thai also has his podcast Unbothered w/ Thai Rivera which can be found on Soundcloud Unbothered w/ Thai Rivera and you can find Thai for his comedy dates and other social media


oh yeah, Mikey couldn't make this one, he had some more family fun stuff to take care of, we'll have him back next go round!





We get into lots of fun stuff. enjoy! 

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Jan 17, 2019

ThinkStopper #10! W/ Tab Lloyd and Dan Hall, we talk about Vegas Shooting, hoover dam and 9/11, R. Kelly mind control, Meltdowns, No Fap, killing pets,

      BAM! #10! We have ourselves a fun time in this one, chatting it up with the hilarious comedienne Tab Lloyd and the dapper man who is also a dapper Dan, funny guy with the golden voice, Dan Hall!



    Tab Lloyd is out here in Las Vegas from Dallas, Texas, this is her home now. Tab is always one of my favorites to perform with, she always brings the heat while on stage. A true professional on the mic, she makes laughter her priority no matter what topic she's cracking jokes on. She's not one to be shy in telling her truth and calling it how she's sees it while keeping it classy. Tab has a fun podcast The RiTickelously Funny Comedy Podcast, she covers news and current events. She can be found on iTunes and all the other podcast sites.  



     Dan Hall a fellow comedian from North Dakota by way of Las Vegas as well, Dan talks about his stories about being a tour guide in Las Vegas during and after 9/11, and how he had some suspect experiences out there that changed the way security handles business. It's a fun episode where we get a little dark in some parts. Dan is also a golfing buddy of mine, and one thing he's good at is motivating me on beating him. Every time.




    To top things off, Mikey accidentally killed a baby mouse. It either had a heart attack from being scared, or the cardboard box, which wasn't heavy at all, crushed it... So even though it wasn't on purpose and was an accident, to make it into a positive thing, if that's even a thing, we will call it our tenth episode sacrifice! Bam! Occultist we are. Lol. 


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Jan 9, 2019

ThinkStopper #9 Miklo Tesla and Trez talk about Reptilian Lizard People, David Icke and more!

      Here we are back again with another ThinkStopper for ya! This time we go deep, we go inter-dimensional, we go lizard people, we go into alternate states of consciousness and more. This episode we have deep researcher, paranormal investigator, musician, and all around good guy, Miklo Tesla. Miklo and I have been friends for a good while now, actually having met on facebook, we decided to meet up in real life, and the rest is history. From having done a benefit show to two paranormal investigations, with some unexplainable events, not to mention a UFO sighting in mid day. 

miklo.jpg fullsizeoutput_159e.jpeg

     Mikey sat this one out, he had his daughters birthday party to throw, and do that family night out. Happy birthday to his little bambini. We have some fun stuff lined up for the next coming weeks. Also a little test run on getting video up on the Youtube channel. It's a work in progress and I am learning as I go, so, there's that in the world.

     I had fun this one, and didn't realize we had recorded for so long, I almost wanted to chop this one up and do it on two parts, but I didn't. Enjoy. - 'ThinkStopper' Trez Mala.  


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