Jun 5, 2020

ThinkStopper #33!!! Miklo Tesla and I have a chat about the Covid and forbidden knowledge.

yoyo!! bringing abck that actions, Miklo Tesla and I have a chat about the Covid and forbidden knowledge. We go deep, this got a good response on the live stream. I enjoy the live streams, check us out on youtube for those. 

Jun 5, 2020

ThinkStopper #32 2$ Trillion Dollars w/ LexLasVegas and Joey Vincent of Filter Free Amerika Podcast

Hey all, happy end of the quarantine, at least in most parts of the country, here is a live stream we did, that I am putting up to listen to passively. I hope all is well, more to come. 

Oct 29, 2019

ThinkStopper #31 w/ David Lee!

Here we sit down with funny man comedian, body builder, actor, videographer, and so much more, Mr. David Lee!


Oct 25, 2019

ThinkStopper #30!!!

We made it to our 30th episode, yay! it's been a minute, it's been a ride, it's been super fun, we roll with the tide, episode 30, aint no lie. haha, we're having fun, thanks to all who support us. I love do this, I hope you enjoy it. - Trez Mala


Oct 1, 2019

ThinkStopper #29 w/ King O

Hey guys we're back at it again with our good friend King O!!! KO and I sit down and have a chat, discuss recent news and social media stuff, as well as crazy and creepy shit... enjoy. 



Sep 29, 2019

ThinkStopper special edition swapcast w/ Sam Tripoli of the Tin Foil Hat!

Hey guys we're back with a special episode where Sam Tripoli of the Tin Foil Hat Podcast was in Las Vegas and had us on his podcast. It was a great time and we most certainly enjoyed ourselves. I messed up on the little pre intro with Sam's friend and guest name, I said kristina and it's actually KATRINA Franchina, KATRINA, I am soooo sorry, I didn't catch my mistake til it was upload, my bad. Which you can find her stuff on www.instagram.com/katrinafranchina/ catch Sam's stuff on instagram here www.instagram.com/tinfoilhatcast/  and also https://www.samtripoli.com/  


Aug 23, 2019

ThinkStopper #28

here we are again yall, back at it with another episode, way out from left field, because that's how we does it!

We got Las Vegas Comedy Show producer, Jack Slammy. We also have funny man, the guy with the million dollar hair, Dan Hall...!

In this episode we talk about all sorts of chicanery, from Area 51 to politics, all the way to baked cookies... I don't know, I can't remember all of it, this was one long ass podcast, that felt like 45 mins. enjoy.

Jack Slammy, Dan Hall, The ThinkStopper (Me, Trez Mala), and Mikey Slyman! 


Jul 30, 2019

ThinkStopper #27 W/ Conspiracy Carl and Mikey Slyman

Hey yall, we're back at it again. lots of stuff going on, Vegas is so hot, school is out, and shit is just straight crazy, we've been recording and working on other projects, a busy life is a happy life, but we're happy to be back at it.


This episode was something that really woke me up and got my creative juices flowing. We had on Mikey's childhood friend, Carl, who moved to the Philippines, basically on a whim. Carl details his amazing experience and how he transitioned from living the Las Vegas fast pace life to moving to the Philippines, not even knowing the language, let alone anyone who lived there, to where he is today. Truly inspiring. I absolutely love this episode. This is what it's all about for me and the podcast, hearing and sharing stuff like this, I hope you enjoy. 

follow us on instagram @ThinkStopper @trezmala @easy_bail_bonds

also YouTube.com/Thinkstopper we'll be having video content going up on that soon and regularly too, peace!



Jul 5, 2019

ThinkStopper #26 W/ Quinn Rain!!!

I absolutely love podcasting and capturing great conversations. This episode we were fortunate to have on with us Brilliant mind, quick witted and funny, computer hacker, Porn Star, and Burlesque dancer, QUINN RAIN!!! 

Yes yall, podcasting at its best, getting to meeting amazing people from all walks of life, and not only that but get to learn a shit ton because everyone is a genius in their own right, in their own way. Quinn pops in to have a chat and talk about all sorts of things conspiracy, computer hacking, and a little bit about her professional career as a porn star. sit back and enjoy. 



Follow Quinn on Twitter @Quinn_Rain

Jul 2, 2019

ThinkStopper #25 W/ The Tommy Lama

This is an amazing episode with the one and only Tommy Lama!!! Tommy is a talented comedian and a sage of our times. I have had the honor to have hosted his show for a good stretch and Tommy has mentored me in comedy and out of comedy as well. It was a pleasure to sit down and have a chat with him while he was here in Las Vegas. This is a long one, so pace yourselves. 

I gotta say, the delay on getting this out one out has made it age even better, Tommy had predicted a couple of things and so far in our current events they have held true, and we hope they continue. I look forward to having The Tommy Lama on again, he's one of my favorite people to have a chat with. 



You can find The Tommy Lama on all social media and WWW.TommyLama.com

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