ThinkStopper #3 with Mike Krasner and Tavon Patterson


Hey guys THANK YOU SO MUCH for tuning in and downloading our podcast, we're back at it again with another fun THINKSTOPPER with two funny ass guys, comedians Mike Kranser and Tavon Patterson. My co-host Mikey Slyman and myself had a fun one chopping it up with the fellas about Flat Earth, the moon landing, social media pressures and tactics by mindless followers of the mainstream. Yeah I said it, they suck ass. haha.


Tavon Patterson is a Stand Up Comedian here in Las Vegas, as well as an internet radio show host on HOT 702.5 FM, which can be live streamed every Friday at 11am pacific time. Tavon is a fairly recent transplant here to Vegas by way to Toledo Ohio, but he can spot a con job a mile away, so he'll fit in fine here in Sin City. Catch him on all social media, FB, Twitter, Instagram, at @TavoneGreatness, Tavon is a beast and I really appreciate his approach to telling jokes, straight from the hip.


Mike Krasner as well is a fellow Stand Up Comedian here in Las Vegas. Mike is originally from New York. Having been in Vegas a good handful of years, he's developed a keen sense of sussing out the bullshit in the world and in the media. Mike is a great read of character and calls it how he sees it, which leads to funny and astute observations.


We had ourselves a good time on this one and really opened up once we sparked one up. Minds are like parachutes, they work better open, and the ganja got us nice and open for this one. Peep this one out, have a listen, like, share, tell a friend, leave a review, leave a comment, correct me if I'm wrong, all the above. get involved, we'd love to hear from you. We're growing, getting better, going to get better, and have nothing but fun along the way in this life adventure. Thanks for all your support and help. 

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