ThinkStopper Podcast

ThinkStopper #24 W/ John Hein, Duce, Slyman, and Oscar

June 28, 2019

Hey everyone, we're back at it, we had some serious difficulties with life and schedules, tech difficulties, and all that, but you know what!?!?! We survived it, and are moving forward!



This episode is a classic, we have John Oscar Hein on to talk about all things conspiracy and crazy vegas history. John has been doing high profile peoples taxes here in vegas a long time, he's seen, heard, and been around a lot of stuff here in town, it's a pleasure to have him on.


Duce, is a long time friend of Mikey's and John Oscar, they all used to work together at Mikey's old pizzeria here in town. Duce is also a critical thinker and takes John to task on a lot of things, they go at it, and we go deep. Best part about it they are like fire and ice, I was laughing my ass off. 


Oscar, well... he's a fucking stuffed bird. That's why we asked John to be on! ahahahah jkjk...! guys have a listen. Mikey and I are back at it, and we're coming out like gangbusters. 


find us anywhere you can listen to podcasts, youtube, instagram, and facebook. and all that. peace!

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