Feb 25, 2013

The Courtesy Flush Show 2/21/13

This is a semi violent episode, there was some issues with a drunken slut, other than that, it was fun, we talked about Black Rambo or as some have called Dorner, RambRo! We talk about the Roast of Jacob Borja at Kaliopi's Hookah Lounge that happened on the 17th of Feb. and all the craziness that ensued, from laughs to fisticuffs, it was good stuff, and we did it the whole time dealing with a dumb drunken whore, blathering about her pussy cobwebs and the stench that wafted from her lower  regional area, aka the Penalty Box.

Great guests and good times with comedians Kevin O'neal, Phil "The Filipino" Peredo, Zach O Wiseman, Jacob Borja, Marty Forrest somewhere in the background causing a fracas, and that dumb ho, if you want to know her name, listen in and embrace her sloppy whoreness......


Feb 20, 2013

The Courtesy Flush Show 2/20/13

This is one we did with our friends Nick Anthony and Matt Devlin, both from LA, they just happened to be in town at the same time and we caught up with them to have chat. Truth comes in many forms when you have the life experiences of stand up comics who can convey their thoughts into words, such a pretty picture gets painted, have a listen and enjoy!

our site  as well, www.thecourtesyflushshow.com, peace!