ThinkStopper #9 Miklo Tesla and Trez talk about Reptilian Lizard People, David Icke and more!


      Here we are back again with another ThinkStopper for ya! This time we go deep, we go inter-dimensional, we go lizard people, we go into alternate states of consciousness and more. This episode we have deep researcher, paranormal investigator, musician, and all around good guy, Miklo Tesla. Miklo and I have been friends for a good while now, actually having met on facebook, we decided to meet up in real life, and the rest is history. From having done a benefit show to two paranormal investigations, with some unexplainable events, not to mention a UFO sighting in mid day. 

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     Mikey sat this one out, he had his daughters birthday party to throw, and do that family night out. Happy birthday to his little bambini. We have some fun stuff lined up for the next coming weeks. Also a little test run on getting video up on the Youtube channel. It's a work in progress and I am learning as I go, so, there's that in the world.

     I had fun this one, and didn't realize we had recorded for so long, I almost wanted to chop this one up and do it on two parts, but I didn't. Enjoy. - 'ThinkStopper' Trez Mala.  


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