ThinkStopper #8 Mikey and I discuss Las Vegas, current trends, and epic meltdowns!


Hey Y'all, Trez here, just want to say....we made it! 2019 We are here! Our first podcast of the new year, and we started out with a golden. First off I want to thank everyone out there for listening to the show, it means a lot of me and us as a team, we're looking at bring more content and we are shaping everything up to do video as well. I for one am excited just to keep this thing going, I absolutely love doing the podcasts, and can't wait to do more, meet new people, and have fantastic discussions! The art of conversation, as well as learning something new, is a passion of mine, and this podcast and platform is a godsend for me to express such things. slyman_mic.jpg IMG_0327.jpg

In this episode of the new year we talk about a lot of stuff, time goes by so fast, it's crazy, we go over what's popping now. Here is a list of what we run through: 

1: Las Vegas Emergency and Incidents facebook group. Mikey is one of the founders of a rapidly growing facebook group that breaks news all over town, from traffic incidents, to police shootouts, to crazy weather, and any and everything in between. The LVEI group has right around 60K followers with roughly half as active members!!! that is insanely huge. LVEI as we recognize by major media outlets here in Las Vegas as a legitimate source for breaking news, truth be told they hate and admire them all at the same time. We talk about all that and some of the craziness that is a normal part of our fair city. 

2: Epic Meltdowns caught on video on the internet. There are some fantastic ones out, and with our world today, more and more being made whether they want it or not. The best thing about the internet, is it doesn't give one fvck about your or your feelings when it comes to viral videos. Vape store boy and TransMa'am meltdowns sure were fun to watch wrapping up 2018.


3: Elizabeth Warren video: how fake and contrived... We also talk about her little black slave figurine in her kitchen, which used to be a common thing in any and all houses in the country, but NOT TODAY! We also discuss, if you're not on the Left, you're Right, regardless of your politics. 

4: Cops are not obligated or responsible for protecting you: Here we discuss how the cops from the Parkland Shooting stood down were found within their legal right to not intervene and get involved when the shooting was taking place. The supreme courts have ruled in favor of the police in that stance. Like I always say, protect yourself, always be packing if you can, and keep your head on a swivel. We go in deep on this and the Joseph Lozitio story... The guy who fought and stopped the subway killer a few years ago, who was stabbing innocent people on the subway, and the police took all the credit, the story is crazy, have a listen. 


We run the whole a good maze on this one and come out the end. 


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