ThinkStopper Podcast

ThinkStopper #23 W/ Tim Lane, Bruce Leonard, & Chris Waldeck

May 5, 2019



This episode Mikey and I sit down and have a chat about politics and other social events going on. This discussion goes all over there place, just how we like it, not formatted a certain but a flow of conversation and to see where all it'll go. We have on with us Tim Lane from here in Las Vegas, Tim served over seas and was Medically Separated, which he explains, and a lot more. Then we have also comedian Bruce Leonard from Cincinnati, which I screwed up and thought he was from Louisiana for some odd reason, I've done a couple of shows with Bruce too, my bad. Anyways Bruce weighs in on his slant with the political climate, and last but not least, Chris Waldeck. Chris starts off reserved but once we got him going about canvasing and campaigning, doing that door to door knocking, he opens up like no other.

One thing I think we proved in this podcast is the sentiment that is pushed and portrayed on tv and in the "news" is completely different than what's going on in the world, especially in your immediate community.

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