ThinkStopper #10! W/ Tab Lloyd and Dan Hall, we talk about Vegas Shooting, hoover dam and 9/11, R. Kelly mind control, Meltdowns, No Fap, killing pets,


      BAM! #10! We have ourselves a fun time in this one, chatting it up with the hilarious comedienne Tab Lloyd and the dapper man who is also a dapper Dan, funny guy with the golden voice, Dan Hall!



    Tab Lloyd is out here in Las Vegas from Dallas, Texas, this is her home now. Tab is always one of my favorites to perform with, she always brings the heat while on stage. A true professional on the mic, she makes laughter her priority no matter what topic she's cracking jokes on. She's not one to be shy in telling her truth and calling it how she's sees it while keeping it classy. Tab has a fun podcast The RiTickelously Funny Comedy Podcast, she covers news and current events. She can be found on iTunes and all the other podcast sites.  



     Dan Hall a fellow comedian from North Dakota by way of Las Vegas as well, Dan talks about his stories about being a tour guide in Las Vegas during and after 9/11, and how he had some suspect experiences out there that changed the way security handles business. It's a fun episode where we get a little dark in some parts. Dan is also a golfing buddy of mine, and one thing he's good at is motivating me on beating him. Every time.




    To top things off, Mikey accidentally killed a baby mouse. It either had a heart attack from being scared, or the cardboard box, which wasn't heavy at all, crushed it... So even though it wasn't on purpose and was an accident, to make it into a positive thing, if that's even a thing, we will call it our tenth episode sacrifice! Bam! Occultist we are. Lol. 


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