ThinkStopper #1 in the Books!


Hey everyone, I AM BACK! AND WE ARE HERE! The ThinkStopper Podcast its in full effect. This is the first episode, this a get to know us type episode, and what we're all about, before we go deep into the Conspiracy abyss. This is a podcast where we will explore any and all possibility in and about our world and give two shits on being politically correct about it, as we all should be. I am joined by my friend and co-host Mikey Slyman, who is a well read and researched individual , as well as a business savvy kind of guy, he too is all about pushing the limits and seeing where conversations about taboo topics can take us. This episode is tame, but c'mon now, we're just getting started. 

Slyman and Myself are both from Las Vegas, as well as Stand Up Comedians, both family men, wife and kids, and all that, and we both seek the truth, while calling out the non sense that is our todays world. I for one can not tell you how stoked I am to be firing this bad boy up, in the world of todays politics and current events, we're going to have ourselves some fun color commentating on life.

We've already lined up some guest for the next few months, and hammering on through to line up more. The mission and the goal of this podcast is to reach as many people as possible with insightful, thought provoking, and stimulating conversation, that's designed to get people to Stop and Think because far too many times, and far too many of us, don't think, we're led to conclusions by mainstream media that shapes peoples perception by way of emotions and fear... well, not here buddy boy. 

Sit back and relax, have yourself a listen, please like and share, follow, and all that good stuff, spread the word, and lets all take this journey together! thanks for your support, sincerely , Trez Mala "The ThinkStopper"

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