Los Rudos ep 8.


BAM! SLAM! JAM! we are back at it again with another fine episode of Los Rudos, with Me, Trez Mala, the hilarious Jason Harris, and the One, the Only, Kyle' Danger' Anderson. Mr. Danger Anderson had a special guest show up for our show who chimed in on our review of the last couple of weeks in the world of wrestling, Jesse "The Body, The Mind, and The Spirit Animal" Ventura! As well as I was dressed up like Ace Ventura, coincidentally. We really had fun in speculating how Bound for Glory was going to turn out, also along speculating if WWE is going to buy TNA! Lots going on here, along with Big changes coming in the near future... Enjoy the hell out of this one, I know we did. remember to fire us any questions or suggestions, or what you would like to hear more or less of, #losrudospod all day long! peace!