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ThinkStopper #7 Mikey and I about Japan

ThinkStopper #7 Mikey and I about Japan

December 29, 2018

Hey all, we're back with another fun one. Mikey and myself have a little chat about his trip to Japan. It's always great to hear about trips and travel stories, as well as how people are living in other parts of the planet... or plate. haha, couldn't help it with that one. 

enjoy. - Trez "ThinkStopper" Mala 

ThinkStopper #6 with Tom Bomb, Robert Acevedo, and Darrin Chase

ThinkStopper #6 with Tom Bomb, Robert Acevedo, and Darrin Chase

December 20, 2018

Hey all, we're back!!! sorry for the little delay, I had some family stuff going on, I got married on Dec.9th, so that kind of held stuff up, and then some recording issues, but all is good, and this one was a gooden to fire it back up again. Also, Mikey is back from Japan, we recorded a separate one about that we'll be posting up after this one. 

Whoa Nelly, we had some fun going deep into flat earth, simulation theory, chemtrails, and all that other stuff that goes along with it, aka, shit talking, name calling, and outright cognitive dissonance, up the ASS! 

Tom Bomb came on over to have a chat with us about what's going on, originally the plan was to do some sort of psychedelic and record the podcast, but that didn't materialize, poor planning on that, we'll have to coordinate on that a little better. That didn't stop up from having a good discussion on the world around us. Tom is a fellow funnyman from Sacramento, he tours all around the country, and recently just got back from Italy, where he was able to find some stage time. 

Joining us as well was newcomer to Las Vegas, fellow comedian, he's out from New York, getting started in the ways of Sin City, Robert Acevedo. Robert is a wealth of information about what's going on in the world, and how we got here, from the wars, the bankster bailouts, to illuminati history. 

Adding to the collection of conspiracy and comedy we have none other than Darrin Chase! Darrin is a stand up comedian as well as an actor, but more importantly he's a free thinking individual that isn't afraid to say what he thinks, even if it's not popular, which is exactly what we're all about! Darrin has caught some heat being a person who isn't afraid, such as myself, to entertain a conversation and actual discussion about flat earth and simulation theory, quantum mechanics and the like. I think what's the theme here is when talking about this stuff, is how other people react or attack you when you're not opposed. We've talked about this before on the podcast but Darrin encapsulates it very well the behavior of others on the topics, hilariously pathetic, and we enjoy calling it out. 

All these gentlemen can be found on facebook. Darrin Chase, Robert Acevedo, and Tom Bomb. 


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ThinkStopper #5 with Shaun Halpin and Sunshine

ThinkStopper #5 with Shaun Halpin and Sunshine

December 6, 2018

Hey guys, we're back, after a couple of audio set backs and Mikey Slyman being away in Japan with his family, we finally got this one out!!!


I just want to say thank you again to everyone, I am Humbled of every single download or play of the podcast, we are on iTunes now so if you want you can subscribe there, that would be rad, that helps us grow, also if you could leave us a good review and some five star action, that would be even better, it'd be tits AF. 


This episode was something I was glad to be able to do. I have been wanting to sit down and have a chat with this very funny comedian, Shaun Halpin. Now, I've done shows with Shaun, I've hosted a few and have always enjoyed his comedy, not only that, but his ability to tell his truth about the world he's in. Shaun has a wealth of experience in the comedy world as well as the real world, as he served in the United States Marine Corp. Having shared the stages with many comedy greats, Shaun finally made his way out to Los Angles California to further pursue his comedy career. Many of stories and experiences to write a War and Peace novel about life as a comedian there, we barely scratch the surface, time really flew on this one, it went quick for a two hour recording. So here it is, have a listen. 


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