Sep 25, 2016

Los Rudos ep 7. Road trip to Tampa Slam

Here we have Kyle 'Danger' Anderson leading the drive, taking us back to Tampa Slam, but as it is with Mr. Danger, we are taking detour after detour, this was a fun show where we talk about the horrific numbers WWE's RAW has has been producing, not changing much up, and very forgettable shows as of late, Jason Harris really shows his distain for the show and offers improvements. I myself am always looking for the good and the fun in the shows, what works, where the direction of the show is going, where it should be going and such, all to fall short and be sh*tted on by my fellow Rudos! just like how we do, so sit back relax, have a cocktail or a few, and enjoy. #LosRudos 


Sep 24, 2016

Los Rudos ep 6.

Sorry for the delay, lots of technical happenings going on but we made it through by staying the course, so here we are LOS RUDOS! lots going on in this episode, which is about a week behind or normal schedule, but at the same time we cover, NXT, CWC, WWE, and a little bit of TNA. again, Me, Trez Mala, Jason Harris, and Kyle "Danger" Anderson! #LosRudos get you some. 

this is now the lost episode... gone forever. why? I don't know, but the audio isn't there.

Sep 13, 2016

Los Rudos Ep.5

Oh Man, this was a fun one, we are definitely enjoying how great of a time it is to be a Wrestling Fan, lots going on and lots to call bullsh*t on too. We also give our speculation on WWE's Backlash, and how that turned out, NXT, CWC, TNA Impact, all that, and lets be honest, from when we recorded this to now, lots has happened in the World Wide side of Wrestling, listen up, tell us what you think, tell a friend, like and share, and all that, I'm Trez Mala, along with Jason Harris, and Kyle 'Danger' Anderson! #LosRudos!


Sep 7, 2016

Los Rudos ep.4

Here we go again! Back at it after a little time off, I (Trez Mala) had a birthday and it took up a considerable amount of time, especially damage too my liver, but none the less, we still got together and talked about all the juicy stuff that happened over the last two weeks in Wrestling, from the ever and always WWE news, TNA, and NXT, not to forget our experience at our local and live show here in Las Vegas, FSW show at the Silverton Casino. Have a listen as we get a little loopy in this one, with Me (Trez Mala), Jason Harris, and Kyle 'Danger' Anderson.