Aug 27, 2016

Los Rudos ep 3.

Hey We are BACK with the 3rd episode of Los Rudos! A podcast about Professional Wrestling and whatever there is else to talk about for HARDCORE fans, but all this from Stand Up Comedians as Your Hosts, Jason Harris and Trez Mala. We have a special guest and most likely new addition to the show, Filmmaker and Writer, as well as Stand Up Comedian, Kyle 'Danger' Anderson! 

This episode was a blast to record, with so much to discuss and talk about, from SummerSlam, NXT Takeover, TNA, up coming show with Matt Hardy at FSW here in Las Vegas, ROH, to The Miz explosion on Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack Live, to the Brock Lesnar elbow and "work" job hopefully ending the PG era, and much more, so listen up and enjoy, leave a comment, talk some trash, tell us what you'd like to have discussed next episode, and anything else to make this a better experience! Thanks for listening and Your support! - Trez

Aug 4, 2016

Los Rudos ep 2.

On this episode Jason and Myself talk about the WWE Draft as well as Local and upcoming events here in Las Vegas. We also give our take on what we think should be done with the Titles or lack thereof on Smackdown Live. Jason gives us a good rundown on Lucha Underground and NXT Cruiser Weight Classic, which I have been enjoying immensely. so sit back and relax, have a listen, leave a comment, and let us know what you think!?! 

Again, this is still in the first stages and we will have more of a polished product in the up coming weeks, We appreciate any and all support, ideas, opinions, and ears! download and share, tell a friend! much, much, more to come. Thanks!