Jul 22, 2016

Los Rudos ep 1.

Attention: Hey everyone, Trez Mala here, I am happy to announce My new Podcast, with fellow Comedian and Host, Jason Harris, as we are Los Rudos!!!  We are posting it here to help get it off the ground and soon will have it's OWN Page, I am very Excited to do this because It is a podcast about Professional Wrestling and Combat Sports, as well as whatever the hell else we want to talk about. I am thrilled as we have great things lined up, covering live events, adding video and video links to our YouTube page (still under construction), all the social media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, to interviews with Wrestlers, Boxers, MMA Fighters, Comedians, and all around everyday Fans of Wrestling and Sports.

This is a very rough cut and Jason and I plan on having it polished up here all nice and professional like very soon, with a proper Intro, logo, brand, and all that. We will be changing our URL and the whole look on the page, I will also archive the old Courtesy Flush Show episodes and we will be moving on from there. 

Lastly, Our views will challenge the status quo and they will be very opinionated, as they should, so sit back, relax, enjoy our first and introductory episode 1, and spread the good word. Thank You all for Your support. - Trez