Oct 22, 2013

Lost time and memory loss but we found it again, Hangin with Comedian Doug Canney!

So we've been MIA for a bit, sorry about that, but a myriad of problems have occurred and we're still dealing with some as we keep moving along. The good old timing for failed equipment struck at a vulnerable point, studio issues with a group of fanooches really put a damper on things, and the unfortunate circumstance that involved high risk gun running also became a factor, yet we keep on keepin on.

This episode which had been victim to some of the above circumstances, sans the gun running, yet we were able to find it shrouded in the deep confines of unlabeled recorded material we had. So it is with great pleasure that we found it because we had a really fun time and awesome conversation with touring headlining comedian Doug Canney. Doug is a hard working comic who cut his teeth as a musician prior to becoming a full time Stand Up Comedian. He is a guy that is serious about his craft while making people laugh. He was full of insight and a good source for real information about being on the road and working for yourself as a comedian. Sit back and enjoy the jam session, with Me Trez Mala as your host, along with John Gilligan sitting shotgun, as we fire it up with Doug Canney!

sorry for the delaaaaaay..... -Trez