Aug 1, 2013

The Gun Show: Hanging with Comedienne AK also the Lone Wolf Chef Chuck

This episode we sat down with one helluva a person,friend,comedienne, and down right awesome person, Comedienne AK!!! She is one of our favorite peoples here on this spaceship earth. She talks about her comedy career, life in Las Vegas, life in St. Louis, and he many endeavors in charities and philanthropy! Truly a prime example for all to follow in her foot steps. 

Also hanging with us is The Lone Wolf, Chef Chuck. A mild manner young Chef on the rise, who, although he might not say much, he is straight to the point when he does. Chef Chuck is fresh onto the podcasting scene, and is more of a dominant force in the kitchen than he is on the mic, but that doesn't deter him from shooting the breeze with us at The Courtesy Flush Show. 

sit back and relax, have a listen, enjoy the laughs, as John Gilligan, AK, Chef Chuck, and Myself, Trez Mala crank this one out!!! peace! - Trez Mala