Jun 30, 2013

John and Trez

This time we had a couple of fanooch comics flake out on us, acting like they didn't know the date and time, when I confirmed with both of them the night before..... anyways, we sure didn't want to give them any attention for it, so John and Myself sat down and had a good time talking about Las Vegas, Stand Up Comedy, the good old days, drinking and driving as a sport, cooking lamb fries, and all sorts of stuff. Tune in, have a listen and enjoy yourselves...... we did.


Jun 16, 2013

Moving it along

This episode Bobby Wayne Stauts, John Gilligan, and I, sit down and have a round table with Zach O Wiseman and talk about Bobby's new challenge to anyone who's is down for some drinking and mayonnaise, Cinco de Mayo, GET SOME! Plus all sorts of chicanery, tune in and have a listen, we had ourselves a good time.


Jun 5, 2013

Catching up with the Bad Decisions Tour crew

We had the fortunate chance to catch up with all the guys from the Bad Decisions Tour, Diaz Mackie, Tony Valle, and Bob Keen. They've been on tour all over the country, from east coast to the west coast, all over the mid west, and a dip through the south. They shared stories, the toughness of being on the road, as well as the payoff for going on adventures, meeting new people, and truck stop food. Have a listen as we do The Courtesy Flush thing!!!


Jun 2, 2013

Talking Shop with Tony Valle

We're back at it again, The Courtesy Flush Show sits down talks shop with Stand up Comedian, Entrepreneur, Poker Player, from Chicago and all around Good Guy, Tony Valle. Here he tells us all about his reasons for getting into comedy as well as making his own business out of it and where you can reach him for booking him or setting up shows with him. Bobby Wayne Stauts first met Tony Valle, when he was in Chicago for his comedy tour last year, Bobby had nothing but good things to say about Tony, so we were super stoked when Mr. Valle came to Vegas on his " Bad Decisions Tour ", we pulled Tony to the side and had a good time conversing about what he's up to , where he's going, and all that is in between. Have a listen and enjoy.- Trez Mala