May 19, 2013

Chopping it up with Super Star Dave Power, and Inventor of sorts Zach Wiseman!

Here we are hanging back and we get a chance to talk to film star, producer, writer, comedian, and all around good "BIG" guy, Mr. Dave Power, who tells us about his travels and experiences across the country being in many forms of show business. From being in the Ocean's Eleven movies to being a Professional Wrestler as well as being a Goodefella from the East Coast. Also, we have with us our favorite friends and colleague Zach O. Wiseman, a main stay with us at The Courtesy Flush Show, where ZachO tells us about his new invention to help retrieve his keys out of his car after he's locked them in for the 500th time, an amazing feat of keep doing the same thing over and over again, to the amusement of everybody else. Sit back and have a listen as I, Trez Mala host this mess along with Bobby Wayne Stauts Aka BWS, Aka BW,  as we Fire It Up with another show, peace!


May 6, 2013

Kicking back with Gabe Nolasco

This time we sit down for a short little ditty with our good friend and funny man, Gabe Nolasco. Gabe stops in for a chat, as we talk about Comedy, Hip Hop and Las Vegas. Have a listen and enjoy the little jam session with Mr. Nolasco.