Apr 30, 2013

Hangin with Evan Cassidy

Here is a little sit down we had with Evan Cassidy, a hard working, very funny comedian, who was breezing through Las Vegas. We had a chance to catch up with him and talk shop. Also in hanging out was Harvard educated Natalie Roshon, a talented musician as well as a talented actress, she joins in on things to add to the flavor of things. Then we have John" May I Interject" Gilligan, the man, the myth, the legend. John helps keep the Pabst flowing. We recorded this one a little while back, sorry for the semi adequate sound quality, we were having some issues with the mixer because I was a dipshit and didn't know what knobs I was messing with, all taken care of now, we've sorted that out after this recording, oopsy. enjoy yall.


Apr 8, 2013

Courtesy Flush hangs with Hip-Hop Roots!

In this episode we invited Las Vegas based Hip-Hop artists Highdro and Bom Green to come sit down and spend an afternoon with us. Together, they run Las Vegas' lonest running open-mic (5 years) and they were generous enough to share their story with us. Take a listen! This is a powerful episode!


Apr 4, 2013

The Courtesy Flush Show 3/24/14

This episode we sit down with hilarious Comedian Josh Denny from LA and the punchline dynamo Comedian Landry from Atlanta! Bobby Wayne Stauts and Myself, had a blast picking their brains about the Comedy end of Show Business and how to maneuver accordingly. How they do it while keeping their sanity and what are the options for others. The road is a bendy, twisty one.

This opened up for many different topics and survival techniques within the Comedy business. It was a great pleasure to hang out with these two guys, they have a wealth of experience and plethora of stories from the road. Tune in as Bobby Wayne Stauts and yours truly sit down and talk shop with two of the hottest Comedians who are breaking out  and making a name for themselves worldwide.

our mics were en fuego, the tech biz is being handled, thanks for your understanding, we got Djmr Twist taking care of it.... peace!