Mar 29, 2013

The Courtesy Flush Radio Show

In This Episode We Feature Guest Bom Green And Comedian AK

with Host Trez Malla Jacob Borja John Gilligan


Mar 19, 2013

The Courtesy Flush Show 3/12/13

This Episode we had on John Gilligan our partner in the whole production side of the podcast and up coming comedy shows. As well as Devan Chair and Jacob Borja, two local comedians, also our friends and accomplices in the comedy and podcast world. They're a good Lot of folks, and as always, or while he's still here and not on the road, Bobby Wayne Stauts is sitting shotgun shooting the funny.

This is our first show in our new home, we're working out some kinks and getting familiar with our new settings, but let me tell you, we're in a world class studio, Wizsonix Films Studio. We're grateful for all their support and them letting us their facilities, trusting a bunch a drunken comedic degenerates.

We Fired Up a good little conversation about Hookers with the crew, from stories, to preconceived notions about hookers from the young minds and the no experience having Jacob and Devan. Our stories and advice may save their lives, yours too if you find yourself in a sticky situation with a Street Walker or a High End ho, even though we didn't delve into that too much, them high end ho's aren't really my forte' if you catch my drift. If you know what to look for, you can get something next to free or a GFE, tune in and find out!

Sorry for the subpar audio, we're figuring out some new equipment, and gathering our bearings, but most importantly it wont sound like this again, it'll be better.

Thank You to DjMr Twist! for the ost production and trying to polish the turd that is the gravelly sound, and giving it feel, I can't wait til the next jam when we're like Voltron and we're fully United!

Another Big Shout Out and SOON to be on the podcast, Derrick J Stroman! who so graciously has been helping promoting us by having our banner on his website,

have a listen, more to come, form me Trez Mala and Bobby Wayne Stauts, and all of us at The Courtesy Flush Show, thank you and enjoy!